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Helping women feel at home in their bodies

Psychotherapy & Mind-Body Coaching.

Los Angeles. California. Worldwide.

You're a woman who...

  • Typically has it all together, but inside, you are struggling to keep going.
  • Is a natural problem-solver that can’t seem to problem-solve your way out of the place that you are in.
  • Feels like you have no control over what is happening in your body.
  • Has tried paths to healing – diets, doctors, meditation, medication – and nothing has helped you find lasting relief.

If any of this sounds like you, know that you're not alone.

I'm here to help you tap into your inner strength and wisdom, find balance, and get back to a life that feels good.​


I know this journey isn’t easy, but I know you’re capable of it.

In sessions, my aim is to create an honest and safe space where we can explore the complexities of being human together – sometimes this will feel heavy and uncomfortable, and other times we will laugh and celebrate together. My practice is rooted in the belief that human connection is transformative, and we all have an innate capacity for healing. My areas of expertise are:

  • Life Transitions

  • Trauma 

  • High-Sensitivity

  • Body Image

Click below to learn more about how we can collaborate to rewrite your story.



Let's get started.

I am currently accepting new clients. Please email, call, or text to schedule a 20-minute free consultation. Feel free to reach out when convenient for you, and I will respond on business days. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

(323) 577-5302


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